So I have a black and white personality, sometimes refered to as an all or nothing personality, I ether succeed or I fail. The issue with this type of personality is live doesn’t work like that there a very few things in the natural world that are binary. It also causes my definition of success to be very narrow increasing the likelihood of failure. While trying to remain humble to a degree, I have an above average intelligence, this causes my expirences of failure to be reduced, the reason that I mention this is that I believe that it’s this lack of expirences handling failure that over the years have caused an all or nothing way of thinking and for me to form a fear of failure. This has had a negative effect on my life, causing a loss of a sense of accomplishment and contributing in part to my depression. This year however I decided to try and change this, and the solution happened kind of by accident.

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Hi I am Martin Haynes (see the domain makes sense) , and I am a Nerd! I am proud of been a Nerd, at the end of the day us nerds are what make the modern world possible. From your smartphone to Facebook its all created and maintained by nerds. I have been inspired by friend Adriana (Runs Kurberry, A Lifestyle Blog) and the writings of Aaron Swartz to start writing a blog. My blog is going to be about my life as a successful 21st Century Nerd. It will cover everything from movies, books, TV shows, Video games and Technology and all facets in between. It is also likely to stray in to the Internet, the single greatest invention of mankind since the printing press, as well as digital rights and privacy. I am passionate about the internet it lets us learn, talk and write about whatever interests us. Its this passion and believe in the internet that drove me to build my career in it. I have been tinkering with the web since the early days of the 90’s first building websites in my spare time, and now leading the web development team at the UK game studio Creative Assembly.  I plan to post something every week, in order to get into the habit of writing so please follow a long, you can also find me on twitter @martinhaynes where you can digest a more regular and shorter stream of consciousness.

For other nerds out there this blog is hosted at Media Temple and build on WordPress, I am planing and working on a complete custom theme for WordPress to make this install my own. For those who wonder about writing, I am currently using Evernote to capture my thoughts and structure blog posts


If you have hit this post direct and are interested in how I am hosting the site please read the post Moving on