As you have no doubt notice I have taken a short break from blogging for the last two weeks. I plan to post again this week and then start posting weekly again.

I also recently lost my wonderful pussy cat Pepsi (pictured above).

Pepsi 1996 – 2016

Special Thank You to Adriana who acted as editor on this post.

So in my first post, I wrote that I am passionate about the Internet. The internet, in my opinion, is the single greatest invention of the 20th Century. Part of what makes the internet so great is the reason why it come into existence in the first place: the internet and the World Wide Web were born out of the desire to freely share information between universities and other academic institutions. These humble beginnings, forged from the desire to share rather than make a profit, is what allowed the internet to take off and what made it what it is today.

Currently, all sites on the internet are treated the same. Reading my blog now, for example, is given the same priority by your local ISP (internet service provider) as your friends looking at your Facebook, or your family watching Netflix. Basically, all sites are given the same priority by the Internet infrastructure. We’ll call this net neutrality- and it is something that also allows the internet to be uncensored. Before I go on to explain why net neutrality is important, let me briefly describe why it’s under threat.

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