So I have not managed to post in over 2 months, there are some reasons for this, and been dead isn’t one off them.

  1. I have been working on a number of side projects and small development tasks, I am building a new product.
  2. I have been trying to build my theme for this blog.

But the biggest reason, is as you may know I work for the UK Game developer “Creative Assembly“, and if you follow the game industry at all, we are currently building the biggest game of 2016 “Total War : WARHAMMER” (Yeah go pre-order it now) out the 24th May 2016. I have therefore been supporting the business in developing the game, developing new features and building the online presence.

I am hoping to get back in to the swing of weekly blog posts in the next couple of weeks, I also want to redesign and re-launch my blog with my awesome custom theme.

For now enjoy this awesome trailer for Total War : WARHAMMER