Anime in Japan is simply short for Animation, and incorporates all forms of animation whether originating in Japan, or from outside, for example the pixar movies would be considered to be Anime. Anime in the west however has become synonymous with animation originating in Japan, or in the style of Japanese animation originating from outside Japan. Anime has a distinct art style, although there are different styles of Anime, they all tend to incorporate a common theme, the art style used by Anime is similar to that of Manga. The difference between Anime and Manga is that Manga is comics, where as Anime is animated cartoons. A lot of Anime is based on Manga.

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Special Thank You to Adriana who acted as editor on this post.

Encryption has been in the news a lot recently, and for a number of reasons. Mainly wrong ones. So what is encryption? Why is it important, and why shouldn’t we get rid of it?

Encryption is a method for keeping your digital data secure. In the digital world, it acts like a lock. Imagine your house you more than likely have a lock on the door. A lock stops strangers from wandering into your house whenever they want and taking a look at your cool stuff, or worse, stealing your cool stuff. We all have locks on our doors, unless you live somewhere really nice (and if so please let me know in the comments so I can move in.) Your lock actually also performs a secondary function, that you probably don’t think about. It allows you to identify the person entering the house as being known to the household. Say you’re sitting on the sofa watching your favourite TV program, when you hear the key turn in the front door and it open and close. You know by that fact, the person entering had the key, and they are authorised to enter your home. Just like a lock, these are the two basic functions that encryption on the internet provides for us security and identity checking.

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I have recently been getting back into watching Anime, a form of animation normally coming from Japan. I have enjoyed anime for a long while, but until recently hadn’t been as into the medium as I have been in the past, and watch relatively little in recent years. This all changed recently when I realised that Netflix (if you have a Netflix account click here to browse the anime genre) is a wealth of Anime. You would think that it would have been obvious from the start, but due to the poor UX on all devices but mobile and browser, it is hard to find content that Netflix doesn’t “recommend for you”. Once I signed in on the Mac and went looking for this content there was a lot.

So here is some of the stuff I have been watching lately, I have split it in to bite sized posts one each week. And we are starting with you guessed it.

Ghost In The Shell : Arise, Ok so my mate tells me this is on Netflix in Japanese with subtitles, however I can’t find it and I watched it on Blu-Ray. Arise is the latest in the Ghost In The Shell (GITS) series, and reboots the franchise. This time out it is a 5 part although at this time you only seem to be able to get parts 1 – 4 OVA (original Video Animation) in the UK. An OVA is basically films that designed to go straight to home video.

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