Kill La Kill : Anime Spotlight

Kill La Kill

Next on my Anime Spotlight series is Kill La Kill. Kill La Kill is another series available on Netflix, I however watched the collectors editions of the BluRays.

Kill La Kill is set in a fictional Japanese high school called Honnouji Academy. The school is situated on the Tokyo Bay island of Honno City. The main story follows the Scissor blade wielding Ryuko Matoi. When we first meet Matoi she is traveling from school to school looking for her fathers killer, and ends up at Honnouji Academy. It is here that she meets Lady Satsuki Kiryuin, the student council president, as well as meeting her new friend and side kick Mako Mananshoku.

Kill La Kill The Team

Matoi Aided by Senketsu a Kamui (“Godrobe”), challenges the most elite members of the student council, the elite 4 in order to be able to question Lady Satsuki and find out the truth about her fathers death. The student council and the elite 4 get there power from Goku Uniforms (less powerful, but easier to control versions of Kamui). Each member of the students council’s Goku Uniform enhances there natural abilities, normally tied into the club which they run. The elite for been the most powerful in the student council hierarchy have the most powerful Goku uniforms, The three star Goku Uniforms. The rest of the student body are given different stared uniforms depending on their status at the school. The students go from “No Stars” like Mako through one and two stars up to the “Three Star” Elite four.

As Matoi digs into her fathers death, she discovers a secret that threatens the entire planet. In the process she uncovers how her Kamui and the Goku uniforms get there power, the life fibres. It turns out that the life fibres have been manipulating the cause of human history. Along with their human agents the life fibres now intend to enact the final stage of their plan. The huge and world threatening implications of these revolutions causes her to team up with the rebel faction “Nudist Beach”, the Student council and Mako. The new alliance decides to end the plot, and defeat the life fibres and their human agents. The final epic struggle against the life fibres most powerful agent, causes Matoi and Senketsu to absorb the power of all the Goku Uniforms, and Kamui and use the combined strength to attempt to end the life fibres plot for good.

If you get the collectors edition in the UK, after the final episode (24) there is an OVA (original video animation) episode 25. This final episode tells the story of what happened after the final battle. One human agent has survived and threatens to try and resume the life fibres plan.

Kill La KillI actually like Kill La Kill, the reason I seemed surprised is that it is very fan servicing. It has a lot of aspect which are very squarely aimed at titillating its male fans. This is certainly a show that isn’t aimed at the more conservative or younger audiences. Like I stated in my post Fan Serving – A Quick Intro, it like many other anime shows does not cross the line in to outright pornography. The story however is good, and although the plot ideas can seem a little far fetched, it does make for an interesting story. Unlike some of the other Anime that I have previously posted about, this story is not intended to be a thought provoking peace. It is squarely meant to be an entertaining, and exciting story. It often incorporates humorous elements, which for the most part had me laughing.

Kill La Kill, is well animated, and incorporates several anime art styles when telling the story. The action scenes are amazing, well designed and well constructed. Kill La Kill is definitely aimed to please the action movie fan, following similar tropes to western examples of the genre. The plot although not trying to be clever or thought provoking like some of the others Anime I have covered, does form an interesting story arc with a few twists, that keep the audience interested. The relationship between the two main protagonists evolves through out the show. With the changes that it brings, not feeling forced

I also wanted to give a mention to the soundtrack. I love soundtracks, I am a soundtrack junkie. I own soundtracks for movies, television shows and video games. I recently discovered the entire Kill La Kill soundtrack is on Sound Cloud. The sound track for Kill La Kill is fun and exciting much like the show itself. Like a lot of movies, television and video game soundtracks Kill La Kill uses different themes for the different characters. The themes add another dimension to the characters making feel more real, and giving a greater sense of anticipation when these characters appear on the screen.

You can check out Kill La Kill on Netflix or you can get parts 1 , 2 and 3 Collector editions , or parts 1, 2 and 3 Standard editions from Amazon.