New Logo Announcement, The first step

I Am Martin - New Logo

A New Logo

Nearly 10 months ago I launched my blog here on In my first post, I set out the aims and topics that I wanted to cover. One such goal was to build a custom theme been creative and a web developer I wanted to stamp my personality on here. Obviously so far this hasn’t happened and as of today 5th Oct I am still using the first theme I installed. There are a few reasons behind this, one I wasn’t sure what visual style I wanted to take with the blog and, two been simply time in order to work on the theme. I have however been working on the visual style and theme in the background and today I wanted to share the new logo. I also thought I would share some of the process of getting it to here.

I am Martin Haynes Logo

So here it is in all is glory, this will be the new logo for my personal brand going forward. DotMH will continue to be used for my professional brand. For anyone that follows me on Twitter (@martinhaynes) or has me as a friend on Facebook, you would have noticed that I soft launched the logo a few days ago.

A Process

The logo, like all branding exercises had to meet some key requirements. It had to be modern, with a futurist feel, look good with or with colour and embellishments (i.e shadows, gradients, etc) and work at a range of sizes.

I started by looking at logo designs that fitted the futuristic theme. I love Japan and Japanese culture so I researched Japanese logos. I am a keen Pinterest user, so I created a board to store inspirational Japanese logos. The board contains a broad range of Japanese logos for the simple reason that I was not sure what I was after stylistically. Although I wanted futuristic, sci-fi and high tech, I wasn’t sure how to achieve that look.

The next step was to try and get some concepts down, for this I turned to good old pencil and paper. Although I am a digital designer, I like many find that pencil and paper is the fastest way to iterate on ideas initially. Once I had some concepts I like I further iterate on one of two of them, ironing out bugs and trying them with slight alterations. This led me to a primary concept I liked.

I then digitised the concept, by rebuilding it in Adobe (formally Macromedia) Fireworks. I don’t do the scan and digitise thing as I tend to want to carefully construct a nice finished product. I used fireworks out of habit, its likely though that this will be the last project I use it for as I want to concentrate on transitioning to Sketch. The reason for moving away from Adobe Fireworks is that it is expensive and Adobe have all but end of lived it as of CS6. When doing design work I like to use a vector based application like Fireworks, as this allows me to iterate quickly on concepts as well as gives the end product the most flexibility when it comes to size and colour.

From Firework I export to Adobe Illustrator, this is a hack and another reason I want to move away from Fireworks to Sketch. Fireworks can’t handle SVG exporting which is a key format for the modern web. This also makes sure I have a vector version of the logo that wont go end of live, unlike the Fireworks custom PNG file format could.

And there you have a brief (very brief admittedly) idea of the process that this logo went though. It is probably also worth noting that a did develop another from concept to conclusion but wasn’t happy with it and with feedback from friends and colleagues I abandoned it.