2016 a Round Up and a look to 2017


So I know I have failed to blog in the last few months, but I thought I would take this opportunity to round up 2016 for me.

2016, Personally

2016, has been an interesting year for me personally. I have managed to achieve some off my goals. Such as starting this blog, even though keeping regular updates proved difficult at times.

In my professional live I have also achieved a major goal of getting some of my web design work released for the Total War website by the Creative Assembly. You can see my design work on the Time Commanders Page, Total War : Warhammer Product Page, as well as the Total War : Attila, Total War : Rome2 and Napoleon : Total War product pages. This success and the promise of more to come in 2017, means that I have started rebuilding my professional site DotMH. I am excited to show the new vision in 2017, with some amazing key art by my good friend Kuraberry

Napoleon - Total War

In the last few months I have started finally started to learn Japanese which is challenging but awesome. I have also rekindled my interest and love of all things Japanese such as music, anime, manga, culture and art. Currently listening to the Radwimps while I type this. I plan to travel to the land of the rising sun finally in 2017, just sorting some stuff first.

This year with the help and support of my closes friends, I have made progress in my mental and physical health. While I am no where near where I want to eventually be, I have made massive progress which has resulted in weight loss, and coming of some of the medications I had been on. I certainly intend to push on with this in 2017.


With my rekindled love of Anime back in February of 2016, I have watched ALOT of anime this year.

Your Name

Your Name

Some of the highlights have been Your Name which I was fortunate enough to see in the cinema which was amazing on the big screen. I have also loved Psycho Pass, Aldnoah Zero, Blue Exorcist, Fairy Tail, The Girl That Leapt Through Time and Sword Art Online to name but a few. You can see a list of what I have watched on my Kitsu (formally hummingbird.me) library.

I am also super excited to see my favourite ever anime Ghost In the Shell, on the big screen in early 2017.

2016, Technology

One of the other big themes of this blog has been privacy and security online. 2016 has been a rough year in the UK in this field.

It looked good with the securing of the Net Neutrality in the United States, and the good signs coming from the European Union on this subject. This however has all changed in the last 6 months with the UK to leave the EU in 2019, and the election of Donald Trump in the US.

The EU exit referendum has also caused a change in government in the UK which has seen the terrible Investigatory Powers Bill (Snoopers charter) been signed in to law in the UK. The exit of the UK from the EU also means that it may not be possible to get this idiotic bill revoked. The end result of this could be that the UK turns from a free country to a digital police state.

Unfortunately unless we fight and fight hard, I can’t see this trend changing now in 2017. The people currently making the decisions in the UK (and soon in the US) have little understanding of the internet or what it means. The internet became that free, open and equally society that we all want but now it could all be ripped apart.

Next Year

So on a personal note I will enter 2017 with hope and resolve. To continue to strive to meet my goals in my personal and professional live, with a renewed optimism. I am excited to continue to do the things that I enjoy and love, watch anime, hopefully visit Japan, learn Japanese and excise my creative side among many other things.

With the turmoil in world politics, I do enter 2017 with some trepidation. 2017 could see a dark road been taken for the internet, whereby a lot of what made it great is eroded or destroyed. These fears aren’t limited to the internet ether, as this could see mass upheaval for the world at large.

I will however fight for what I believe in, and concentrate on what I can control and achieve. I want to get to the this time next year, and look back on the amazing things I did and achieved.

To 2017, may it be a great year for us all. Happy New Year!