In recent years, crowdfunding has become mainstream. Mainstream news and media regularly report on Crowdfunding hits and more often misses. I am a great lover and supporter of crowdfunding, having backed 75 projects on Kickstarter to date. I have also backed projects on other platforms including a book and a legal case. The growth in the sector has spawned a large number of crowdfunding platforms, ether general like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo or specialist like Fig (Aimed at video games), Crowdjustice (Aimed at supporting legal action), Unbound (Aimed at book publishing) to name but a few.

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Ai Writer

Its no secret that I find writing difficult. It takes me more time than most to write something, and then get it into a state that I am happy with before posting it to my blog. Recently however I have found a tool to help me with my writing, called iA Writer (Website).

iA Writer is a MacOS, iOS and Android writing app with some nifty features to help you write.

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