Recently I have been decluttering my live. I started off where probably everyone does, with the physical. The hope was that by decluttering my surroundings I would be able to focus better when needed, relax easier and generally remove some of the unneeded stress. The ultimate goal been of course to be happier in the long run. One day though I had spend a couple of hours decluttering my night stand, and then went on the computer. Before doing anything productive, I thought I would check my emails, after the Great Notification Cull I don’t get notifications around email anymore so I have to check it. I looked at my tidy surroundings and realised my inbox was a mess. We live so much of our lives online now, I thought that maybe I should be embark on a digital declutter as well. Digital media tends to get overlooked, your not going to be crushed to death by your digital clutter, and its easy to turn off the device and ignore it. This digital clutter can effect your mental state though, in the same way as physical clutter.

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