So I am back, and although not much has changed on the surface, I have made some big changes to the blog. Originally when I first started posting, I was using Media Temple for all my blogging technical requirements. Within the last week however I have moved the blog from Media Temple to Flywheel hosting. The reason, well there was a number. The biggest reason is that I want to start doing some more freelance web work, based on WordPress mainly and other technologies. I therefore need a host that supports this kind of business and although Media Temple do, the features I got with Flywheel were certainly more suited to this kind of idea. For one Flywheel supports organisations that allow you to host blogs, and give your entire team access, it also allows you to setup a blog so that you can manage it and look after it but at the same time Flywheel will charge your client for the hosting, which fits the freelance business model perfectly.

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